English Summary of the KSM work

written by Rev. B.D. Immanuel in 2000  (when inaugurating the KSM Mission Centre)

The Beginning

The Karnataka Shubhasamachara Mandali (Karnataka Good News Fellowship Mission or Karnataka-Allianz-Mission) was born on September 8, 1983 having been registered under the Government of India Trust Act. Its affairs are governed by a Board of Trustees. While it is not officially associated with any denominational church, it seeks to have close fellowship with all churches and organizations with similar objectives. It believes that churches are the backbone of the ministry for evangelism. The main objectives of Karnataka Shubhasamachara Mandali (KSM) are:

  1. Reaching the unreached in 30,000 villages of Karnataka and 700,000 villages of India and elsewhere with the Gospel and through systematic follow-up.
  2. Planting groups of believers, nurturing them in the Word of God and adding them to the local churches.
  3. Working in and through the co-operation of the local churches.
  4. Conducting evangelistic camps and revival meetings.
  5. Establishing a centre to impart training to evangelists, volunteers and lay people to organise rural medical and relief services.

The thought of establishing such an organisation kindled in me when I was just 18 years old - a fosterchild of Kindernothilfe (KNH). God chose Mrs. & Mr. Gerhard Frank, my forsterparents, to use me in His service and it was on 21.6.1968 that Mr. Frank Dietz of Operation Mobilization challenged me to serve the Lord, in spite of my earlier desire to be an engineer.

I got my initial education and training through Operation Mobilization and I did my Seminary studies at the Union Biblical Seminary, Yavatmal (now in Pune) through the sponsorship of Mr. H. T. Sangliana, the retired Additional Director General of Police and Prisons. Increasing opportunities and responsibilities came my way in the ensuing years but the Lord laid on my heart a strong desire to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to my own people in the far corners of the land of Karnataka.

Medical Ministry

When I used to share the gospel among the people in Koramangala slum and in villages I saw another need which was very apparent - the need for health education and medical relief. I was not a doctor; hence I could not effectively meet this need. I continued to keep this need in my prayers.

After about 2 years, one afternoon 1 was motivated to take the mail to the post office in place of the office boy. There I met a lady with a young man who had come to the same mail box. The young man happened to be rny Bible School student and introduced the lady with him as a doctor. She enquired whether we had a Medical Ministry. When 1 said we didn't, but that I had been praying we ought to have one at Koramangala Slum,  she eagerly responded that she too had a similar vision. This lady is none other than Dr. Vasantha Elango, an Assistant Professor in Coimbatore Medical College. Our dialogue continued and we ended up jointly to start the Medical Ministry through KSM and IAM at Koramangala Slum. Is it not amazing how God works out everything? Praise be to His name!

The KSM Clinic in Koramangala Slum has been growing during the last 8 years with the services of dedicated doctors and nurses. Medical and health programmes help bring the message of our Lord Jesus Christ to slum dwellers in Koramangala as well as in some 12 villages of Bangalore South Taluk. KSM has also undertaken medical work at Bangalore New Central Prison and a children's hostel in one of the villages. The medical work at the prison has been very much appreciated by the prisoners and this has helped us to have fruitful evangelistic ministry among them.

Community Development Programme

KSM Community Development Project was started at Koramangala slum two years ago imparting tailoring training to 36 girl school drop-outs and 12 unemployed women. This training has helped all of them to find employment in the surrounding garment factories. Presently there are 18 girls undergoing training in tailoring skill. These trainees show much interest in the Gospel and attend Bible study sessions every Thursday.

Prison Ministry

KSM Prison Ministry was started in February 1995 with the collaboration of the Crossroad Prison Ministry of Germany. A 26-member team of Crossroad Prison Ministry had come to Bangalore in February 1995 and shared the gospel with over 2800 prisoners of Bangalore Central Jail, when one of the prisoners shared his obedience to the call of the Gospel.

KSM Ministry Today

We are grateful to God for the gift of men and women and children who share faithfully and sacrificially to meet the needs of KSM Ministry, especially those God's men and women in Germany who have contributed sacrificially to purchase this property at Kothanur Narayanapura and build various facilities and acquire other requirements for the clinic, transportation and evangelistic programmes.

God's timing is perfect. As the KSM and IAM Board of Trustees and staff prayed in expectancy, God wonderfully made available this place belonging to T. Govindappa and family for the KSM ministry. To God be the Glory! The partners in Germany and India were challenged to pay for the land and for the first phase of three buildings and water tank. Director's and residential doctor's quarters, chapel, training centre for evangelists, kitchen and dining hall will be covered in the second phase, financial need for which will be necessary from God's people. We thank each one who extended a helping hand in this God's ministry. Paul wrote in 1 Thes.2:20 that "You are our Glory and Joy".

- Rev. B. D. Immanuel, Executive Director of KSM